Astro Govardhan ji Best astrologer in Washington. who has been in this profession for more than 20 years. He has helped people find their loved ones and solve various problems in their lives. He is the Best astrologer in Washington.He can help you with psychic & spiritual readings, palm reading, face reading, photo reading and bring back loved ones.

Govardhan can help you with all your problems

Proudly operating in USA and providing expert psychic readings . I specialise in Palm Reading, Face Reading, Photo Reading and Blackmagic Removal. Talk to me if you’re stuck in a rut with your business or personal life.Pandit Govardhan is the Best Indian astrologer in Washington.

Experience Psychic Readings

Govardhan’s Psychic Services offers a variety of psychic readings that cover various aspects of life and destiny.

Expert in Palm Reading

Govardhan is an expert palm reader and has received training from leading palmists across the globe.

Black Magic & Negative Energy Removal Expert

Govardhan can expertly cleanse any negative energy lingering around you or your surroundings using his Black Magic skills. He also specializes in removing black magic, hexes, curses and spells cast by enemies or competitors.

Business & Financial Solutions  astrologer in Washington

Govardhan is an expert business advisor who provides solutions to all your business related problems including business partnerships, investments, financial advice and more!

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  • Highlighting your shadows to move towards a healing of your soul’s injury/key injuries
  • Find the answers to your concrete, the more existential questions
  • Breaking patterns that limit the creative impulse and accommodate the movement of life (filters, unconscious mechanisms, memories of other lives)
  • Manage the process of awakening of conscience and spiritual ascent.
  • Family Arguments, Fix Broken Relationship
  • Activate the mandate of incarnation and life missions (support you in your time of transformation, job change, relocation)
  • Identify the favorable moments to take the right decisions, thanks to planetary transits.
  • Listening to your personal ecology with a vibratory rate consistent with what you want to manifest.
  • Mastering the 3 types of mental states and how they work (reactive mind, the analytical.
Best astrologer in Arizona
Best astrologer in Arizona